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Coin has upside but they need to set themselves apart from other Johnny come lately crypto night coins. They offer messaging and a few other things but they also have major issues with their windows wallet syching which hold it back. Also it still is…
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Berry Bartels · Community Manager & Pool Manager at Ultranote · last year
Nichop · Managing Partner at Ultranote · last year
Thanks for your honest feedback mate. People are not very aware of this but cryptonote code is really a game changer but does not come keys in hand to any devs. There is a lot of work that XUN is doing on the network to first consolidate the algo so that its not only the best cryptonote coin due to its features but also with the best adjusted algo to make XUN 100% operational for the next developments. The wallet has been fixed 1 week or 2 ago already. You just need to replace the old wallet and get the new blocks from the website to get your wallet back on track. There is No more issues with the wallet since the latest release. If you need help join the discord group cheers