5 months ago
I just read through the Utrum whitepaper and came out with more questions than I did answers. 1. No product, just a few low-quality mockups at the end of the paper that will have obvious implementation issues. 2. Lack of focus / trying to do too mu…
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John Westbrook · Marketing Lead at Utrum · 5 months ago
Hi Jon, Thanks for taking to time to read our white paper. I’ll do my best to address some of your points. 1) True, Utrum was born from a Slack channel by a frustrated investor who saw the problems facing many of us in crypto, particularly the bias and paid reviews, misinformation and just plan scams plaguing crypto investing. So it began as an IDEA, not a product. The DICO was the means of raising funds to hire the developers needed to actually create the platform. As of today, 2 weeks after completing our crowdsale, we have now hired an accomplished CTO, have 2 Blockchain Devs, and just hired a Full Stack developer. We have begun development and will be making code visible on GitHub shortly. 2) You make a valid point in that we are an ambitious project. “Too much” is subjective however :) Please read our blog articles if you’re interested in gathering a clear image of our primary focus, but in short it’s creating a trust platform powered by crowd-wisdom and Ai. 3) The whitepaper does explain in fair detail what the purpose of a Trustee is, as we have also mentioned in may of our articles a Trustee is likened to a Moderator and is voted in by the community. Trustee positions are still in an evolutionary phase of development, however, and we are very very aware of the risks involved with manipulation as outlined many times in the whitepaper. This area is no different and we strive to create a system the community can effectively use to improve crypto trust and quality of information. This includes how we operate governance. 4) Inflation is addressed in the whitepaper. As for our supply and technicals this is often a matter of opinion and only truly understood when the market sinks their teeth in. I hope I’ve been able to address some of the concerns you raised and again, appreciate you taking time to check us out! We are excited to have surpassed our soft cap and hit the ground running. Keep watch for our product so you can rereview us! :)
Thank you for your reply, John! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys release over the coming months! 🤓
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