5 months ago
BARE coin is created for using on our BARE platform which is a service for adult content. It’s not trying to replace our favorite porn sites, believe us. It is created for consumers to get exactly what they want by sharing a request for it that can be payed collectively or individually with BARE COIN. Nudes, cosplay, videos, chats with content creators and streaming is possible if you make a request for it and creator approves. Block rewards: Bare coin block rewards were made small so that there were no coin and masternodes oversupply. Presale: Bare team decided to work through presale. Project’s budget will be used to hire new professionals (devs and designer), to draw attention of users and content creators via marketing campaigns, for Bare coin listing on exchanges and info services and many more. Read more about the Bare platform in the Telegram Blog: Welcome to BareBlog! Telegra.ph/Welcome-to-BareBlog-06-17 Specification Coin Name: BARE Coin Ticker: BARE Algorithm: QUARK Coin Type: POS+MN Block Time: 60 Seconds Premine: 35 000 Total supply: 4 000 000 Maturity time: 24 blocks Stake age: 8 hours PoS Reward: 15% Masternode Reward: 85% Masternode Collateral: 1000 BARE Discord invite campaign ended 50 BARE per ANN translations should be with accounts at least Jr. Member Discordapp.com/invite/467ZveG Links: Monitoring and Statistic Services: Accurate data from Markets. Estimated Revenue. Notifications on Email & Android App. BARE on MNROI.info/coin/BARE Stock Exchange | Crex24.com/exchange/BARE-BTC DISCORD | Discordapp.com/invite/467ZveG GITHUB | Github.com/BareCrypto/bare-core WALLETS | Github.com/BareCrypto/bare-core/releases/tag/v1.0 WHITEPAPER | BARE.network/pdf/BARE_WHITEPAPER.pdf EXPLORER | Explorer.Bare.network TWITTER | Twitter.com/bare_crypto ROADMAP | Bare.network/#roadmap
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Excellent project, promising, guys, congratulations on entering the stock exchange.
Perfect, couldnt await the Platform
I am personally in love with this project and at the moment this is the first cryptocurrency in my life that I use.