10 months ago
You do your research of coarse when you decide to invest in a cryptocurrency. When it was time to research Apollo, it wasn't hard to see that this coin holds a significant edge over others. What I really like about this coin: Holistic approach: where other coins' fundamentals only excel at a limited number of features, Apollo strives to be an all-inclusive coin. I have not seen a project do that. This means that Apollo has multiple use cases, and the synergy of deliverables within this project is very likely to outclass any competitors. Roadmap: Allthough the Apollo team has set high goals for themselves, they continue to deliver in time. Hermes 1.0 has gone live yesterday without so much as a glitch. Real world implementation: They are currenly rolling out their plan for mass adoption with ATM's and other tools. So, real world implementation of Apollo, not just words. Support: Individual help through a ticket system on their site, and a healthy and helpful community on telegram amongst others provide all the support you need as an investor. I short, I would definitely recommend reading up on Apollo, and investing if you have the opportunity. At this moment, this project is undervalued. I envisage a strong future for this one.
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