last year
TrackICO is one of the better ICO Database sites. The UI is easy to navigate and they tend to have several premium ICO listings every week. The descriptions of the ICO's are pretty robust and they usually have an embedded video in there as well. I have also found that the ICO start and end dates on TrackICO are more reliable than all of the other ICO sites. Some issues that I have with the site is that the financial information is very limited. I would like to know how many tokens these ICO's are reserving for their team and what they are reserving for business purposes. As of right now they only show how much is being sold in the token sale. I also wish there was a better filtration system to cut out the crap ICO's. It seems like TrackICO is going for quantity over quantity when it comes to their listings. There are a lot of scammy looking ICO's on the first few pages of their database.
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