redpanda51 reviewed C2CX.
7 months ago
C2CX is the worst company to deal with collect personal data and cancel your account after. C2CX closed my account for no reason and after collecting my personal identity including bank info and statements, and now I can't even get in contact with them to ask them to remove my info for safety. It took three weeks to get through the process of verifying my ID, because it took so long for them to get back to me through each step. Then they asked me to confirm my address, which I kept confirming but it kept coming back not accepted, so I sent a trouble ticket and waited only another week to find out my account is closed. Absolutely no communication about it - just that they closed the ticket... FYI You can only contact them with a trouble ticket - no phone or email... So now I have to wonder what they did to my ID, because it feels like some kind of scam on some level. Incredibly terrible experience.