11 months ago
Everyone`s favorite exchange! I mean, it has it`s flaws but this is the first stop for many of the beginner crypto traders/enthusiasts/adopters. I really like that they are growing and trying to expand the business because I think this will help adoption. There are always new features and their customer service got better in the last few months which is a big plus considering the state of this department at many other exchanges and crypto services. The selection of digital money is not big, but good enough for most of the people and more than enough for the beginners. The UI is straightforward, easy to use and looks quite cool! Edit 29/10/2018: I wanted to fund my accunt recently and I sent money using their old IBAN number. I emailed them immediately and they replied in 30 mins asking for more details which I provided straight away in a reply. Today they messaged me to confirm that the money didn't appear on their transaction list and that everything will bounce back to my account as their old one isn't live anymore! It seems like their customer service/support became a top notch service! Thanks, Coinbase!
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