2 years ago
Ravencoin. A coin that has been born in the true spirit and manner that bitcoin was nearly a decade ago. This coin has no premine. No ico. No funds collected pre launch. Adopted by the mining community in the tens of thousands already. Has done no marketing, no self promotion, but when it was added to crypto bridge, from day one it has seen more volume than the rest of the exchange combined. Patrick Byrne invested millions into the development of the coin because he believes in its grassroots and organic philosophy. Also, because there are big plans for raven coin in a new, rogue, unorthodox forum where financial securities and assets can be traded without a financially biased and dishonest clearinghouse. Bruce Fenton, board member of the bitcoin foundation and one of the most active advocates for using cryptocurrency towards societies betterment, is one of the leaders in the community development of this coin. If you don’t have any raven yet, you will be kicking yourself a year from now. F2pool is the largest mining pool in the world. It is a mining pool that has only ever added big coins...BTC LTC ETH XMR DASH......well, guess what, they are adding RVN. Why? Because there is that much support and demand in the mining community. Or maybe because they know something is going to make this a big coin too. If you understand what that means in relation the future of the coin, for them to integrate this coin into their pool, then you are probably already done reading this review and on your way to stock up while the price is low. Your welcome. ;) All I ask is that you spread the word.....to other normal people like you and I. Be a part of the balance shift. For the only value that anything has, is the value we decide to assign to it.
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