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The vision for Nexus as stated from their website "To be the most advanced and widely trusted digital currency and peer to peer network in the world." Current partners include: Foleum, Lisp, Vector Space, and Singularity Net Projected initial satellite launch: End of 2018 When I first heard of Nexus I didn't think much of it. It was introduced to me by someone with a non-technical background and an appetite for quick profit, so I was not too keen on taking his word on the subject of investing. However, I'm glad my curiosity motivated me to take a look. What I found was something that seemed too good to be true. If you visit their website the home page makes 3 things clear; It is world's first 3D Blockchain, the world's most secure digital currency, and the world most decentralized currency. These are some bold statements to make and I was still skeptical about the potential of the project. What first made me believe that this was something special was when I first found out who the CEO was and who he was related to. Colin Cantrell, the CEO of Nexus, is the son of Jim Cantrell, a co-founder of SpaceX and CEO of Vector Space. At this point, my interest was peaked and from there I went on a whole new tangent exploring as much as I could about what Nexus was and what they were trying to bring to the world. My experience with investing in this coin has not been the best. If you are looking for short-term massive gains then this may not the investment for you. This is a very large project that will take years to fully develop. That being said, I do believe that this project will succeed in the long run. A big part of what this company is trying to solve is the decentralization of the internet. When the internet was first conceived, the founders initially proposed that the best possible way to implement the internet is to make it completely decentralized. However, this was not possible at the time due to the limitations in the number of computers online as well as the performance of those computers. In the year 2018, the internet has become essential and available almost anywhere in the world. The problem with it right is the necessity Internet Service Provides. ISP's are the backbone of the internet providing a centralized model for how computers are connected. The major problem this posses is that data has to always pass through them. For example, if you have two computers next to each other on separate networks, when passing data between the two machines, that data must first pass through the ISP traveling a considerable distance for 2 computers that are physically next to each other. This is not an efficient way of connecting computers together. This is one of the major problems that Nexus is trying to solve. I suggest that anyone take a deeper look into this project. It is going to completely change the way everyone is connected, hence the name, Nexus.
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