Bill reviewed Ripple (XRP).
10 months ago
Best Digital Asset Ever Created. Has been the most Underrated, underpriced coin for years. First, let's understand that Ripple and XRP the token are TWO separate entities. Ripple is the Company. XRP is the Token. Period !! One cannot control the other, XRP the token is not centralized. If anyone tells you differently they haven't done their research. That's all about that. Not a debate, just using facts.... XRP is a bankers coin, only in the means that it will mostly be used by banks and industry to move money. Ummm, that's the whole point!! Are we investing in something because we love the name of some coin, the believing of what some DEV is telling us, or are we wanting to invest because we have expectations of making money? Real working utility. Why is that important! Because as we know in the Crypto Industry that Most coins do absolutely nothing besides move coins. Understanding that, Ripple/XRP is a Real Working product. A Product that, and most importantly Solves a Problem. The problem is, moving money, mostly internationally cheaply, quickly and actually be able to settle the payment when transacted. Bitcoin thought they could do that, as we have shown from the past, that isn't possible with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is slow, a transaction can take several hours, and cost a lot of money to do so. As we had seen in the Dec 2017 bull rush. Let just forget about SWIFT, slow, expensive could take 5 days to settle the payment. Ripple/XRP was created to solve the problems Bitcoin has. Slow trans, High cost, the amount of transaction per block. Ripple/XRP solved that, 3 sec trans, under a penny per trans, 2000+ trans per block, Liquidity/Settlement. Work with industry. Important. Not only does XRP transfer within seconds, it provides settlement to the providing customer. Swift does not settle the payment for days. Now Ripple has disrupted the market, and competing with Swift in the International Money Transfer industry. Ripple may even take over the market. Now XRP has surpassed Ethereum in market cap and is settling at Second place under Bitcoin. Next step is Bitcoin. Can XRP pass Bitcoin, well No Crystal Ball here folks? With the number of financial institutions working with Ripple, it is very possible. SBI, Bank of America, Fidelity, Temenos Software, Microsoft, Western Union, MoneyGram. Just to name a VERY few. Why would these BILLION dollar companies, with a B, involve their company into a project that would fail, Not going to happen. Been in the Crypto Industry since 2012, have seen a lot of ups and downs. Don't invest with your heart, you're investing in your families money = life. You must do your research. If you are not investing in the top 15 coins, you are wasting your time. If someone is telling you to invest into Doge, Pivx, Digi, Linda be very skeptical. Could they move up sure, not anytime soon for sure. Bull runs... Everything else is considered a long shot, or even a long-term bet. Yes, sometimes the long shot does come in, been there, it does happen. But investing in long shots can be deadly. Sometimes Literally. If you don't put something into Ripple XRP, you are going to miss out. Do your Research. Understand the project. Invest Smartly. In a very short period of time, you will be using Ripple XRP, and not even know it. Really !!!