2 years ago
Dogecoin was founded in december 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. It was intent to be a Fun-Coin or a Protest-Coin against the Bitcoin and Litecoin hype in 2013. With the years more and more exchanges adopted Dogecoin, today it is tradeable near on every exchange against a huge bunch of other Cryptocurrencies. In december 2017, four years after it was founded, it reached the all time high of about 0,017 USD/Dogecoin. Menawhile, Dogecoin is not removable anymore from the exchanges as it is the best way to trade against other currencies as a kind of "middle-man". It is super-fast and has one of the lowest fees. Currently, a developer team is in action to improve DogeCoin. The dev team is working for free and comes out of the faithful community. From my experience, it is better to use Dogecoin as USDT because of the low fees. It has also a good potential to grow and excel the ATH of 2017. Itis perfect for both, HODL and day-trading. Most time, it grows and shrinks parallel to Bitcoin. It is definitely worth an investment. Currently there are some hints that Dogecoin will hardfork and DogeEthereum should be created, but this is not proofen. It could also just a simple rumor.
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