2 years ago
LitecoinCash (LCC) is a coin which was created through a hardfork of LiteCoin at block height number 1371111 on february 2018. It should be an improvement of the original Litecoin (LTC). It's advantages against other cryptocurrencies are lower transaction fees, better difficulty adjustment,more bandwidth and the mining algorithm SHA256. It supports SegWit and has faster block times. The market cap max supply is 840 million LTC. At the time of writing (march 2018) it is tradeable at Yobit.net, Mercatox.com, Extrates.me, TradeSatoshi.com, CryptoBridge.com and SouthExchange.com. Currently, Binance.com is requested and waiting for action of Binance. The current price has high differences as YoBit.com doesn't allow for deposit or withdraw and sells it at at price range of 3-6 USD/LCC. All other exchanges trading LCC at a price about 1 USD. The developer Team is largely anonymous, but some members of the core team are introduced at their website. There was a lot if FUD talk in twitter before LCC started. It was called a scam or shitcoin. In My opinion these statements are not justified. The statements were made by obviously Litecoin and Bitcoin supporters who are feared of an improved LiteCoin. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, also claimed that LCC is a scam, but this hadn't any term of proof. Litecoin cash is an aspiring new project which has a lot of potential for short and long time trading. As soon as the prices are equal on all exchanges and more exchanges come into play, the price possibly rises as we have seen on ZCash, Bitcoin Cash and EthereumClassic. This is only an assumption, do your own research before trading.
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