The GLOBAL CRYPTO ALLIANCE is the very first and the only Decentralized Alliance of Professional Entrepreneurs who form a global organization to provide ALL kinds of high quality services to all the Crypto Universe. GCA works for all the Cryptos that bring benefit to the people. GCA is preparing ALL the services a crypto-project can need. GCA has it ALL. From legal services to software development services, to graphic art designing, crypto-cyber-security, Psychological support, Organizational Engineering, News Broadcasting Service, Registry Services, a Global Crypto Time and much more coming. The CALL token is the cryptocurrency the that fuels and propels the Alliance. CALL is the first ERC777 token even implemented in Ethereum Network. It represents a new generation of intelligent tokens than can work with Operators that are like automated bots who help you manage your funds in the most secure manner. CALL token has the latest security features not present in ERC20 tokens. And it allows users to make up to 255 payments in only one transaction which makes transactions fee almost free. GCA and CALL token represent the strengthening of all good Cryptos of the world.
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