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What's new? Well Digibyte has Digiassets (currently available on Android , & the Digibyte Go wallet, iOS supported wallets next iOS update) & I've been having a look at it. I like what I am seeing. Theres a Digiasset broker site Buy and sell Digiassets. There was a Crab/Shrimp farm asset selling. Interesting concept Theres assets in DGB mining pools available So some interesting ideas.... Then of course there's Digibyte or DGB, itself. IMO an undervalued crypto Tried & tested technology for over 5 years Industry-leading transaction speeds Highly secure Scalable Active development team & known founder No ICO Community driven. Five (5) mining algorithms, which makes it impossible for a 51% attack. DGB is the most decentralized Look, DigiByte has become the world's longest, fastest, and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence. It's just moving along under the radar... Onward & upward... Big things ahead..
DigiByte Rocks Mining Pool
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