6 months ago
***CryptoFightClub Swap Update.*** After careful consideration, I have concluded that to better serve you my communities better, it would be wiser to postpone the swap by a few days to ensure the release of new wallets. The original plan was to swap with the current wallet, but some settings we're pointed out to me regarding the blockchain and project reboot. These settings are the same as with our current CFCC coin which prevent the core team full access. The new coin has this remedied and new code pushed out. The missing pieces are the wallets which have proven to be troublesome for us, both Windows and Mac. The intent was to get the swap done quickly and efficiently, but alas due to the recent discoveries I really think it's to our best recourse to hold off until the new wallets are compiled and verified. For the past couple of days there has been 24 hour work being done to get over this obstacle. As of now May 7th 2019 at 5:42PM CST the swap is postponed to ***Monday May 13th 2019 or as soon as the wallets are compiled and verified.*** For now Hodl your CFCC and as soon as new wallets are available we will release and commence the swap. Thank You for your time, attention and support. ---The Pharaoh
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