last year
I'm a small-time crypto investor, and I try to diversify as much as I can. When I'm researching coins to invest in, I look for a number of characteristics. Value. Community. Ongoing development. Liquidity. Wallet choices. Social media presence. As one of the new coins on the block, BTCZ is attractive on a number of these fronts. I like that it has a finite number of coins (21 billion). It's way undervalued. It trades on the established Bitcoin "brand" (which can be both a blessing and a curse) but in nearly every measure, especially transaction speed, it is an improvement on the original Bitcoin. The Coinomi mobile wallet offers support for BTCZ, which is a huge plus. It's availability on exchanges is improving. (Right now, it's on at least 7 or 8 including Trade Satoshi and Stex.) The Reddit community and other social media seem active, as does ongoing development.
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