2 years ago
This project is incorporating the future on two fronts . IOT is a booming industry and will grow exponentially , this crossed with an evolution in blockchain called DAG is cutting edge and will be huge in the near future. IOT chain are creating an operating system which can be easily integrated into any home, business or manufacturer. IOT chain has heavy hitting investors such as FBG and Hashed and have numerous partners which allow adoption of the operating system. These partners are connected to some of the biggest companies on earth , Ali baba and Apple . They have an extreme Mely strong team with high class advisors, for example one advisor is the head of opple lighting (biggest lighting company in the world. This coin has the Chinese market at its feet and is 100th of the price of some of its competitors. Iotchain has been covered by huffington, Forbes and won a prestigious award at the world economic forum. This coin has had minimal marketing to the western world and could see serious growth in the coming months . Great project , could be anything.
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