6 months ago
I apologize for the the failure to comence the swap. We ran into some difficulties and must post pone for a day or two. To provide some transparency. Let me explain what is occurring. We needed to update our new coin due to an oversight to my part as we need to ensure stability to the chain and an extra layer of security. While we did apply the update we noticed that the windows wallet we have needed updated information. While trying to apply the update on to the wallet it borked. So we are working on recompiling it with the updated code. While we do have a functioning wallet it is not a good idea to have you all swap and almost immediately have you update the wallet opening another opportunity to lose coin. I rather take the delay and have a one time inconvenience than multiple times. So with this being said, we are working around the clock to get this hurdle passed. At this time, the swap has not begun so keep hodling your CFCC. Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for your continued support, patience, and attention. ---The Pharaoh
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