5 months ago
TurtleCoin is my favourite PoW coin. TLDR; It's a Monero meets DOGE coin and perhaps the best way to introduce your kids to a PoW cryptocurrency, maybe even the one you lock a bit of for when they grow old enough to use it in 5-10 years. WHY: - Despite its https://turtlecoin.lol domain, it's actually serious and in many respects unique project. - Privacy-focused (same family as Monero) with 30 sec blocks - Verifiably fair launch in Dec 2017 with no ICO, pre-mine or hidden rewards - Ready for adoption with the same divisible units as US Dollar, eg. $1.05. instead of BTC 0.0000005, thanks to which TurtleCoin is actually also 21x more scarce than Bitcoin, check https://medium.com/@turtlecoin/one-trillion-turtles-coin-supply-and-unit-economics-5bfbea0aa1f1 - "Slow & Steady" approach with 300 years long emission curve will ensure far greater distribution than Bitcoin could ever achieve (being the first of its kind a few ppl knew about back in 2009-11) which will in return lead to a far greater community of supporters long-term, check https://explorer.turtlepay.io/supply.html - ASIC resistant and through merged mining one of the most desirable coins to mine today https://www.cryptunit.com - Love its education, support & fun focus on Developers and Users which already shows in it its strong hashrate as well as a growing community of meme artists and supporters, eg. Twitter. https://twitter.com/search?q=%24trtl&src=tyah - Truly open-source, check their repo on GitHub https://github.com/turtlecoin and their DevRank usually about no. 20 out of 3000+ coins https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/all?sort_by=developer_score - Can feel a little bit like a cult if you mention anything related to market talk on their Discord server chat.turtlecoin.lol but don't be discouraged by that. Turtles are in fact a very welcoming community of now nearly 15 000 Discord members and simply seriously protective of their strong "doers first" culture which sees any increase in price as a result of their hard work, not as speculation on price or marketing gimmicks. My best advice to engage TurtleCoin in 2019 is to join their Discord and get that CPU spinning on one of the mining pools the community runs, while it's so easy, the list is here https://explorer.turtlepay.io/pools.html Also for more updates on TurtleCoin, including TRTL adoption and onboarding projects you can follow https://worknb.com. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TurtlesHill https://twitter.com/WorknbDAO Slow & steady wins the race.
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