2 months ago
The financial system of the world that the global powers that be are currently attempting to save, have always been destined for failure. Continual growth in production, sales and profit is expected, & if it fails to be delivered, something is wrong, something must be done to reignite the growth. Lower costs, cheaper labour is the call to arms. Limited resources shrink as we strive to produce more, as we destroy more & more of the nature what sustains our lives. Not a good plan i say.. What else ? Well financial Institutions around the world are in trouble. They cannot mask it for much longer. The system has borrowed & lent so much money there is no chance of ever paying it back. Then what do we see Central banks doing. They just print some more money. They create money. Out of thin air. There's so much money, banks are refusing to take it as deposits or offer the deposits a negative interest rate. You pay to have the bank hold your money. Deposit 100, withdraw 90..... Hang on ? But it's coming to a bank near you. The trust in Fiat has eroded to the point where people are looking for an alternative. As the current financial system continues to derail, more will see the undeniable benefits of the blockchain & of a blockchain based cryptocurrency. Which blockchain based cryptocurrencies will survive ? I dont know, but I do believe Bitcoin, BTC, & Digibyte, DGB, will find there niche within the coming times & survive the digital currency revolution. CHANGE IS COMING... It's going to be painful....
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It’s going to be painful and glorious at the same time. Hopefully more glorious than painful 😂