Goldmint started in September 2017 with much fanfare. It's #ICO price was USD 7 each. Since then, when the market fell post ICO, #MNTP fell to about a little over 1 USD. Despite the #cryptocurrency markets going up in the early part of 2018, this coin never recovered ICO price. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, this coin has a bright future. It works on a kind of PoS or Proof of Stake system where if you have over a 100 MNTs, you will get a share of GOLD transaction fees. For this coin to really moon, the GOLD tokens will have to hit the market and once the custody bot idea (read their whitepaper) fructifies, there's no stopping this coin. As of writing this, the tokens are available at USD 3.4 and picking up these coins at this price is not a bad idea. If you already have them, HODL them till Q1 2019 to realise high profits
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