10 months ago
If you’re a fan of classic TV, you’ve probably watched Sanford and Son. In this 70s sitcom, Fred Sanford’s favorite alcoholic beverage was Ripple, a cheap, flavored fortified wine. In the crypto world, Ripple is a payment network... the currency is actually called XRP, but the terms are interchangeable in popular usage. The branding and marketing are slick, and transaction times are fast, but XRP is 100% premined and Ripple Labs retains more than half the coins ... a sketchy combination. You’re required to keep 20 XRP minimum in a wallet, and once a wallet is open, you can’t empty it. Think of it as a minimum balance in a bank account that you can’t close. That sucks. There are some good things about XRP, but it‘s not really cryptocurrency in the organic, decentralized sense of the word. And frankly, it‘s a little too cozy with traditional banks to suit me. There are lots of wines available that are better than Ripple. There are better coins out there too.
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