People that know me know that I am most bullish on this project for multiple reasons. To start off I actually have been a member of the telegram and the Discord since early July and have gotten to know both lead developer (LuMat) and the CEO Artur "Juice" Makowka quite well. As well as Pahan (Pavel), Daniel, Tendo, Alberto, and community help like Perog the admin, big green, crypto amg etc. Thats just community stuff... i didnt mention the actual blockchain and the projects to come in the eco system. Real grassroots COIN (not a token) im glad to be a part of. Never count out the $WEB we came from a 24k marketcap. We are the underdog that will rip it in the bear market. COME JOIN THE FAM. Become a WEBCHAINER Be a part of something SPECIAL cause its early AF lol -Blackimoto
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