🦊 reviewed ATLANT (ATL).
2 years ago
ATL tokenholders can earn money by supporting the ATLANT network with first of all listing fees (1) and second of all with p2p rental commissions (2). (1) Let’s start with the listing fees. Whenever a person wants to rent or sell a building on ATLANT they have to pay a „listing fee“. If I as a seller want to put a building onto the ATLplatform then ATLANT gets a percentage aka a commission. The whitepaper may say that the listing fee is set to 7% but the ATLANT team has very explicitly stated that this number is only an example and the listing fee could be influenced by ATLANT token holders. The (lets keep using the example of the whitepaper) 7% of the listing fee are paid in PTO token (cf. last post). This means that from the overall amount of PTO tokens a building is estimated at, 7% of this overall amount will be proportionally distributed to all ATL nodes that went through a KYC and AML check. If the building was worth 20million Dollars then 1.4million worth of PTOs, would go to the nodes. Example: A seller comes along and wants to list a building worth 20 million dollar on the Atlant platform. In case the building is tokenized and sold on the platform, active nodes would see 1,4 million (7%) being distributed among themselves. If I as an active working node have 10,000 ATL then that would mean that I have 0,0186% of the total 54 million ATL supply.(Here we suppose that every single token is stuck in a node which is never the case though.) The profit I would then make would be 260,4$ worth of PTO of that building. Not bad right? What’s even better is you earning your proportional amount of rent. You own part of the company that owns the building after all. On a sidenote: The -temporary- 20m requirement per building might seem pretty high but I’ve personally witnessed at least 2 parties inquiring to know more about the lisiting. Furthermore, Atlant has recently formed a partnership with the company “Asia Prestige Management” where a letter of intent was signed. (2) Now let’s move on to the p2p rental app commissions. Next to the listing fee, those are another great way to make a passive income with ATLANT. Everytime someone uses their app (cf. last article about AirBnB replacement) and pays a transaction fee, that fee goes to ATL nodes. Transaction fees are extremely low fees that users of the app have to pay for some transactions. Read this Vacation rental use case and this Tokenized real estate use case But what exactly is an ATLANT-node and what does it do? A node is a computer which is linked to the network and sustains it by performing a certain task. The task for ATLANT is to secure hashed documents from listings (PTOs and p2p rentals) in ATLANT’s distributed data store (short: ADDS. In short: one opens a program and lets it run 24/7. The program then saves small encrypted document on your computer. (your computer acts as a storage) That’s it. Update: The team has confirmed that there is no minimum amount required to run a node. :) Then there is a 3rd way of making money with ATLANT but you will have to work for this one. And this way consists on being a referee on the p2p rental app. You as a privat person can decide to apply for becoming an arbiter. All you need to do then make a safety deposit which will safely lie in a smart contract. If ever there is a conflict between two parties (users of the app), the arbiter gets inbetween. ATLANT also wrote about it more in detail in their Arbitration Use Case and Whitepaper Despite all of these possibilities to make money, ATLANT tokens have other purposes and functions, mainly they give their holders the possibility to make decisions like agreeing on a percentage for the listing fees, on a law-firm that would take care of the project etc. by voting. This is also something that you can read over in their whitepaper. So in nutshell projects like ATLANT are projects that we should all be looking out for because they are hidden gems. It’s the utility of the token that counts. You need to ask yourself: What is the function of this token, what is it for and how can you earn money with it. So many possibilities for making money and so little work for it.
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