7 months ago
Tradingview is the best charting app for crypto that I’ve used yet. I use the free account and haven’t had any need to upgrade however, that can change as my trading skills evolves. There are so many features and they continue to add more all the time. A few of my favorite are: 1)The insane amount of Crypto/Stock/FOREX/etc assets to track 2)The array of trading indicators/strategies 3)Many custom indicators/ability to make your own w/ease 4)Follow top T.A. People from around the world/read ideas n analysis 5)Read/Learn what indicators are used for 6)Test trading strategies that are built in 7)Web/Mobile/tablet availability 8)Compare prices of assets 9)Choice to use FREE account or a fee different paid subscription choices 10)Recently added investors TV section with info videos ranging from asset to asset And this barely scratches the surface of the capabilities that Tradingview has. If you haven’t yet, you should go make a FREE account regardless if you trade or not as you will enjoy the platform greatly just tracking your favorite assets and learning.
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