2 months ago
Just came across this: https://decrypt.co/8852/bitcoin-com-launches-a-cryptocurrency-exchange This appears smooth and stream lined.  It highlights these aspects of trading:  "Exchange cryptocurrencies fast on our high-liquidity trading platform. Trade against BCH and other popular base currencies including BTC, ETH, & USDT. Buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital assets on one secure trading desk. Take your trading to the next level by exchanging SLP tokens (coming soon)." The site then goes on to say you may:  Trade what you want, when you want to with their powerful matching engine. The exchange is secured by 2FA, IP whitelisting, cold storage, and more. And you may get your questions answered by the Bitcoin.com exchange support team. Yet if you from the #USA, you cannot open an account.  They do have a disclaimer to support this "Unable to create an account? While our exchange isn’t currently available everywhere, we’re working hard to add support for more countries. Follow us on Twitter to stay notified." https://exchange.bitcoin.com While it's great that things are moving everywhere else it is frustrating for us here in the states as some of the better places to trade are kind of out of reach.  Then again, while frustrating for us, it's equally frustrating that most of the worlds economy is based off the value of the dollar. Now I may be totally wrong, but this is what we are shown and told.  Now don't get me started as this can also lead to conspiracies.
Bitcoin.com Exchange | Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin.com Exchange | Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies
Join the Bitcoin.com trading platform. Exchange one asset for another in our advanced and secure Bitcoin exchange. The best place to buy, sell and tra…
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