8 months ago
I like coinbase for the ease of use and convienience of buying/selling direct to your bank/debit card. I think that they have terrible customer service and lack of appreciation for their customers in general. If you’re an active trader it isn’t a platform geared towards you. They do shady things like ask for ALL your information more than once and if you get locked out of your account you’re going to have a hell of a time dealing with the slow and rude customer service reps. They cut off access to buying and selling assets on the platform at random and refuse to disclose their reasoning and/or how they cane to the conclusion to do so which has been going on since October/November of 2018. I use Crypto.com (formerly Monoco) to buy/sell instantly to my bank/debit card since Coinbase revoked my access at random for whatever reason. Crypto.com works flawlessly to buy n sell with multiple avenues instantly, they are releasing many different tiers of their own debit cards that you can use to spend crypto very soon, and I’m in the USA so I can attest that it works from here. I wrote the Crypto.com info here in case anyone else is booted from, has bad experiences with, or realizes they aren’t appreciated by coinbase, they have somewhere to check out right away...
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