11 months ago
Foxico is the worst out of all the ICO database sites that I have visited. The information is often wrong. The UI is awful. The whole thing reeks of a scam site. I feel bad for any ICO's that are desperate enough to advertise on this site. The worst part about Foxico is their arbitrary ratings. They are often not grounded in any sort of reality. I know there is some subjectivity involved but they seem to fall for a lot of clear cut scam ICO's. I checked one ICO and their team rating was good on Foxico yet the team had no verifiable background information anywhere. I highly doubt they even read most of the whitepapers. The only interesting part of their site is the half-assed attempt at cataloging crypto influencers. Again, like most of the site, the info is terrible and disorganized. I really hope that everyone stays as far away as possible from this site. There are so many more that do this sort of thing way better.
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