2 years ago
This is the “interface moment” for the blockchain. BLOCKv’s vAtom Viewer app is already available in your app store, and I’ve used it many times. It’s a fun experience! The idea is this: Think Pokémon Go but instead of collecting Pokémon, you can collect shareable coupons, gift cards, movie/concert/event tickets, get sneak previews, limited content, customer loyalty benefits, video game objects, etc. They all come in the form of 3D VR/AR objects! And you do this by either moving close to the vAtom in the real world, or scan the vAtom visually (they are simply photos!) with your vAtom Viewer. Trade them, share them, use them! The SDK is due out in Q2 2018 and the CEO just announced that they have one of the top advertising firms already developing and testing out ideas, and they work for several Fortune 500 companies (think Coca Cola, Taco Bell, Nike, Starbucks...). Now is the time to get in early before the general crypto public finds out about this epic project. Long live VΞΞ!
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