2 years ago
This entire concept confuses the hell out of me. And that's why I love it. District0x is a network that serves as a group of decentralized communities and marketplaces, which are known as districts. District0x is powered by Aragon, Ethereum, and IPFS, joining a growing list of platforms designed to facilitate transactions and more. It lets you create your own own decentralized marketplaces and communities on the blockchain using Ethereum smart contracts, anyone is able to deploy a district on the network free of charge. Each district within district0x is a community or marketplace acting as a decentralized and completely autonomous organization within the Network. Each district is capable of searching, filtering, posting and listing, ranking and reputation, and payments and invoicing. District0x is designed to be free of intermediaries and censorship, giving internet citizens the ability to build whatever they need. While waiting for the district creation platform to launch, those interested can vote on which districts they would like to be deployed next. This is being done via community proposals, allowing users to suggest districts as well as vote on the existing suggestions. The district0x Network Token, DNT, is a token for staking. It will allow participants of a district to be involved in decision-making processes. DNTs are used to join a district and participate in governing it. The number of district0x Network Tokens a participant stakes in a district directly corresponds to his or her voting rights within the district. These voting rights are used to participate in all decisions of the district. Decisions can include branding, code of conduct, which auxiliary modules are used, how fees are collected, and more. Would help to have more real world scenarios and implementations available for the public to read about.
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