last year
Deeponion isn't just another privacy coin, it has added features like DeepVault which makes precious files immutable over time to create proof to employers or clients etc that no one has sabotaged it. It also has a democratic voting system that allows the holders of the coin to vote towards proposals on how the coin is improved or changed called vote central. It already has an android mobile wallet ready. Proof of stake and proof of work blocks are reduced each year, making it harder and harder to get more coins. A active forum in which to ask troubleshooting questions that will get answered right away. E-commerce plugins ready for merchants and world wide adoption. It also runs on an upgraded version of TOR which allows certain countries around the world like China to use TOR. It has devoted members that even created actual Deeponion physical coins to show how proud they are of the coin. This will be a coin that lasts in the long term. Transactions are very adequate, 3000 transactions in one block and block time is around 48 seconds, kind of spits on the transaction speeds of 3 transactions a block every 20 minutes.
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