6 months ago
Here is our latest Podcast from last night featuring Kubo Coin and Liesure coin. We had a different format going for this one and the conversation is hawt! This cast gives you some insight as to the motivations, attitudes and foresight to some great coins. After listening you will recognize we no longer acknowledge the term "CryptoCurrency" per say, but stay tuned as it is explained why. You will also hear some exclusive content brought to you by Nunez and Repo regarding Thier respective projects. Enjoy the podcast and many thanks to our guests, I enjoyed this episode thoroughly. You are always welcomed back. "We Are CryptoFightClub!" https://youtu.be/ngZctdL98as
PSL Podcast #7 - Leisure Coin & Kubo Coin
PSL Podcast #7 - Leisure Coin & Kubo Coin
Tune in for our PrimeStle Ltd. Podcast. - - - - - Kubo Coin: https://kubocoin.org/ Leisure Coin: http://leisurecoins.org/…
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