2 years ago
Ravencoin (RVN) is a community driven open source project. It was launched on 3rd of january 2018 and is minable via cpu and gpu with a newly created algorithm called X16R. The goal of Ravencoin is to carry statements of truth about who owns an asset. It is a digital peer to peer network for the facilitation of asset transfers. It is not designed to be a currency, but can be treated like one. At the time of writing (march 2028) it is tradeable at CryptoBridge.com against Bitcoin and sits at a price of 0,000004 BTC, which is currently about 0,034 USD. Mining RVN via a Dell Inspiron 15 7500 with a i7 quadcore, 16GB Ram, 3,2 GHz and an Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card will be rewarded with about 50-70 rvn per day. It attracted attention as it came out that Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne invested millions into the development of Ravencoin. The developer team is, like most developer teams of coins and tokens, anonymous. Personally, I see Ravencoin as an aspiring project with a unique goal in the cryptocurrency scene. The trading via CryptoBridge has just begun in march 2018 and this coin has a big potential for a greater value, if more exchanges will adopt it. It is intent to be a long term investment.
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