last year
I love privacy coins. From the all low market cap projects with low supply, I pick DeepOnion. In two words why is DeepOnion? Basically, it uses tor onion routing system of the nodes and your Ip is private**. (latest tor version implemented) It have major POS (10% - 1st year)+pow ( based x13 algorithm). The hybrid consensus algorithm always better for security. It has DeepVault - on chain solutions to store file hashes meaning that the data is immutable, forever! (The web version of storage almost ready) This is the community-based project. So 90 % of the coins are distributing via Airdrop. VoteCentral - community-based voting system, so every community member can be a part of the future developing ideas and workflow. (with own developers fund) If we look at the chart, it looks despair, but this is whole market depression and I have confidence that DeepOnion team just can't give up and only continue their world domination. Too many time was spent for the SEO part just google and you will understand what I mean. The Technology are developing every day, stay crypto, stay secure. use DeepOnion.
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