BD reviewed Bitcoin (BTC).
last year
Bitcoin is what I fell in love with in 2011 - ubiquirious digital cash for everyone that you csn send almost instantly and almost free to anyone, anywhere. Unfortunately a group of self-elected people (that don’t believe Bitcoin can work as is) hijacked the project and turned it into something completely different. They hijacked all major communication channels, ousted early developers, and promote censorship, hate speech, trolling and illegal activities. One star goes to the Bitcoin Core development team and to everyone who supports them. Don’t be fooled by market cap and acceptance - that was built in the early days by early adopters who believed in Bitcoin as digital cash. The Bitcoin Core team now wants high fees, unreliable transactions and are artificially capping BTC’s throughput to promote Lightning Network, a new layer on top of BTC that is unfinished and unproven technology. If they’d started an altcoin with high fees and slow confirmations they would never reach this market cap and acceptance. Don’t be fooled by the Core mob, do your research.
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