2 years ago
I'm super excited about this project. This is a pioneer blockchain company in the field of guns, ammunitions and in general defense industry. This company is the first to present a solution for smart gun security using blockchain. $TRIG tokens parent company Blocksafe Alliance proposes to offer an all round solution to firearm security problems. The trigger coin serves as currency within the trigger system. Right now it is based on counterparty technology. Their roadmap involves coming up with a TRIG exchange where users with masternodes ( 1 master node = 1500 trig tokens) can earn $AMMO token for providing network support which will be tradable for trig within TRIG exchange. These $AMMO will be used by the subsidiaries within the trigger ecosystem. To conclude I believe this is a coin with great potential as block chain in defense industry is still an alien concept and triggers hopes to lead the way in this regard. If you liked my review, tips would be appreciated. BTC : 1LkCzU37vZdSLEGvxE55Fj9xVxtiUiLTw2 ETH: 0x1b168aaebc036cde3a09d32a921f6cd6ec059d95 TRIG: 1JaDkwk7WyAr9APDJkxSMojGumqKCXiq52
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