6 months ago
Hello my CryptoFighters, Well as you have guessed, we have been hard at work improving our beloved CryptoFightClub Coin. An unexpected and unforseen thing occurred and now we must ensure and protect our community and hodlers. Starting Monday May 6th we will begin a swap. You have seen me mention to start pulling out your CFCC from the multiple exchanges we have been listed on. I requested this in preparation for the swap. Here are further details regarding the swap. To incentivize compliance we are tiering it. From Monday May 6th to Friday May 11th 2019 swap ratio is 1.5 CFCC to 1 GLOV. Our faucet will also go offline for upgrades and to swap. From Saturday May 12th to Monday May 14th 2019, 3 CFCC to 1 GLOV. Then from Tuesday May 15th to Monday May 21st the ratio increases yet again to 10 CFCC to 1 GLOV. Once Tuesday is reached, the swap is over and we kill the CFCC blockchain and dispose of the collected coins. This swap will only last about a two week period. There will be no exceptions! I know we may lose some of you due to this definite deadline and not swapping coins after the cutoff date. Yet, as I have mentioned, I'm doing this to protect all of us. At the time of this announcement, I am not entirely sure our tip bots will participate in the swap. Until I learn more, Please withdraw your CFCC coins from both CFCC Tipbot and PandaBot. Another announcement will be made prior to the swap as there are certain forms to fill out. Thank you for your continued support and compliance. ---The Pharaoh
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Why the token swap? What happened?