last year
LoMoStar (the application developed around LoMoCoin) is a wallet for multiple currencies (BTC, ETH and LMC among others), an airdrop system where users can get coins for free during or prior their ICO phase, a trading platform where users can trade their coins with other users, an ICO platform which allows users to use their LoMoCoins to invest in ICOs and let us not forget the social component based in the traditional chinese . Furthermote LoMoStar aims to connect the digital world to the real world allowing you to invest in businesses and real world objects with LoMoCoin as the "host of the party". I invested in LoMoCoin because it is one of the most innovative and original projects I've seen in the blockchain world. Don't miss this opportunity, download the app, use my referral 15FXW2 and become an early adopter of LoMoStar's promising ecosystem.
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