2 years ago
Usuall, on projects like this I wouldn't give any star, but it's mandatory to give minimum one star. This project is founded october/november 2017 and it is a scam. I am very limited with the word "scam" and only projects which deserves this get this rate from me. The reasons why this is a scam project: - it has the name of a serious coin LitecoinCash. - Not one point of the roadmap has beem fulfilled - no promised wallets for IOS or Android - no Bitcoin ANN - no promised whitepaper - no developer team (only two icons) But the most important point is, that the Github Project only contains a very, very basic ERC20 Token SmartContract which is necessary to build a custom token, but does nothing else. There is no other source code of any other implementation of a basic Ethereum token. After i had visit the telegram group and warned the people about this scam, the group was deleted immediately. This token is tradeable through EtherDelta and unfortunately, some people do so. Never trade this token please, it is only a very very bad scam and wherever the developers are, they will steal your money.
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