2 years ago
BitcoinZ BTCZ was first launched on september 2017 by an anonymous developer. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on equihash algorithm (ASIC resistant), which makes it easy to mine by GPUs. It is a community driven coin that uses the best parts of Bitcoin paired with one of the most secure and anonym implementations, zkSNARKs. It is one of the most fair projects in the crypto world. No ICO, no pre-mine, no developer fees. These three advantages are rarely to find under todays cryptocurrencies. BitcoinZ is tradeable on Stocks.Exchange, TradeSatoshi, C-Cex and other big exchanges. My personal impression is, that BTCz is one of the rare pearls which are absolutely undervalued. It has all that BitcoinPrivate just implementing now and was on the market long time before. It is definitely worth to take a look and maybe to invest.
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