"Zippie OS aims to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services easy to use for
anyone with their smartphones.

In the first phase, Zippie aims to turn our smartphones into everyday hardware wallets.
Our vision for Zippie OS is for people to be able to easily use and manage their crypto
assets while in full control of their own private keys, identity and data.

In the second phase, Zippie aims to provide access to core blockchain-based services such
as peer-to-peer messaging and storage in an easy and intuitive way. Together we can offer
a smooth integrated user experience, just like iOS and Android do today, but utilizing
decentralized mechanisms valuing privacy, transparency and collaboration.

On Zippie OS, the user controls their identity and data. The vision for Zippie OS is that the
user’s private key will be split into several pieces, making everyday transactions both easy
and safe."
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9 months old (April 30, 2018)
Dr. Antti Saarnio
Carsten Munk
Pasi Rusila

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