What is Robinhood?

"Robinhood is a stock brokerage that allows customers to buy and sell U.S. listed stocks and ETFs with $0 commission. We believe that everyone should have access to the financial markets and are on a mission to inspire a new generation of investors.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now available on our trusted, secure investment platform. We use cutting-edge security measures to protect your assets and your personal information.

Currently, Robinhood Crypto supports market and limit orders for cryptocurrencies. Market and limit orders for cryptocurrencies work similarly to orders for stocks and options.

When placing market orders, we display the best available price on Robinhood Crypto, which is based on the exchanges we connect to. You’ll never get charged a commission or additional trading fee on top of the execution price. For limit orders, you specify the maximum (or minimum) price you are willing to buy (or sell) at."

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