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5 months ago
The best hardware wallet on the market.😃 Pro: - support multiple cryptocurrencies and add new ones regularly - company based in France🗼, which make orders faster if you live in Europe - private keys kept on a dedicated chip, which makes it more secure than Trezor for instance - Myetherwallet, Mycelium and Etherdelta support. - possibility to check receiving address on the device, making it resilient to JavaScript malwares 👾 Con: - no Monero support yet 👿 - you don t own your private keys directly, so if the company go bankruptcy, the passphrase may not be supported by other wallets anymore 😱 and you loose your money until someone reimplement the key phrase derivator function. - the wallet doesn't have enough memory to host more than 5 wallet applications at the same time. That's not a big issue as if you delete an application you're keys are still hosted on the dedicated chip so you can reinstall it later. - you can interact with most wallet (BTC, ETH aside) only through Chrome browser plugin extension, 1 it's never a good idea to load additional JavaScript in your browser, 2 why no Firefox 🐱 support. My last piece of advice 😉, get two of them in case one get broken, put them in different locations and get an additional ledger steel from Poland to make sure you won't loose your passphrase if you're house burns. Update: the new 1.4 firmware allows you to have up to 16 applications at the same time thanks to reusing Bitcoin app components for similar coins app (bch, btg, ltc...)
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