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9 months ago
A few month ago i did start the registration process on Before you can interact with the tradingplatform, the website will leads you through serveral verification processes. There are catergories from Tier 1 up to Tier 4 and you will need at least Tier 3 for deposit/withdrawl funds. Big plus that Kraken gives their users some kind of safety. Once you come comfort with Bitcoin you'll be glad to have that kind of protection for your money. Once you can fund money, you have to deposit (at least 1 EUR) on their FIDOR Bank accounts, remember you dont need a own FIDOR bank account for trading. Its not that easy to get a clear view trough their site but its not that difficult to understand it. Another good point argument is KRAKEN has low fees, thats what makes their service attractive. I just got a TIER 3 verification proofed and send 11,50 EUR for testing their services. Just 20 Hours later the deposit arrived on my account. The next step is to withdrawl (at least 5 EUR) before I really start funding bigger amounts. There are serveral option for 2 Factor authenification so I tell you its really safe for happy trading on #ToTheMoon
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