What is IDEX?

"IDEX is a hybrid, semi-decentralized exchange that provides a trustless, real-time, high-throughput trading experience in conjunction with blockchain based settlement. By centrally managing trade matching and Ethereum transaction dispatch, IDEX enables users to trade continuously without waiting for transactions to mine, fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately without gas costs.

Post-launch on the mainnet the components of IDEX will be further developed into Snowglobe, a fully decentralized exchange protocol. Snowglobe uses a combination of EVM-compatible childchains and a p2p network to coordinate state updates in real time, enabling a shared liquidity pool across multiple high-performance decentralized exchanges. The protocol is secured by a network of operators who are staking the AURA asset, using cryptoeconomics to link the integrity of the protocol with those that help operate it."

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