What is IAME Wallet?

"How IAME works:
Through the IAME Identification Network, the validation of your identity is fragmented and crowdsourced to the whole world. Every single Third party validator in the network only sees a fragment of your identity with the summation of all their validations being reconstituted as a complete identification.Our flagship project takes the notion of data security a step further by making any compromised information “hack-worthless”!

The app:
The IAME app allows users to attach their identity to their cryptocurrency addresses, identified addresses being the first step towards mainstream integration. Any documentation that will be uploaded on the IAME app will never leave wallet as whole, but as encrypted fragments to be validated by the IAME Identification Network. With IAME the fallout of identity data breaches will be a thing of past."

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last year (March 10, 2018)