What is EOS Detroit?

"A Block Producer Candidate for EOS Network

We are seeking to pilot solutions locally that can be applied globally. The community-led innovation in Detroit's diverse communities is fertile ground for forging a whole new generation of apps designed to provide solutions to some of the more pressing challenges humanity faces, namely access and education.

In turn, we intend to leverage the collective resources and development within the emergent global EOS ecosystem for what may be of use to our local community. Through being a trusted block producer on the EOS mainnet we will have the opportunity to collaborate with the worldwide community in a way that empowers us to deliver useful tools which have been vetted by other BP's and their respective communities around the globe.

Vote for EOS Detroit if you are an EOS token holder."

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11 months old (June 01, 2018)
Robert Konsdorf
George Byers
Charlie Dumont
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