What is Coinhouse?

"Coinhouse.eu is a new altcoin exchange and we are live already @ https://coinhouse.eu. We believe a good trading experience with the possibility of using TA (Technical Analysis) is needed to understand and point the value of a certain cryptocurrency. We also want to give better support so that everyone gets the help what is needed in order to solve the issues they got.

Uptime is a big challenge for many exchanges at the current moment. We will focus to provide maximum uptime and upgrade everything as fast as possible. Also trusting us is something to work on because trust is not built in one day. We will be as transparent and consistent as possible and do what we say is important in order to build the trust what is needed. You can open a ticket in order to ask for listing new cryptocurrencies at coinhouse.freshdesk.com "

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last year (December 19, 2017)

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