What is CoinCheckup?

"CoinCheckup was created out of the frustration that the current cryptocurrency market has a serious lack in transparency. Yes, you can research background info on each cryptocurrency on their websites, forums and social media channels but this will take a lot of time and it’s nearly impossible to compare cryptocurrencies.

We came up with a standardized a research process and started researching. As we were extending our excel sheet we came to the conclusion that "If we have this problem, than other people might have the same problem". This is how CoinCheckup was born.

As most of the visitors of this website, we became very enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency market.

That being said, while looking at the current market we also got kind of worried about the current state of the market. We accidentally bought into some SCAM ICOs and we realized that we could have prevented this if we had more transparency in the background of the cryptocurrencies."

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Jeroen Erne

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