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6 months ago
Seems like a decent app. If it can get some traction, it will help filter out all the noise of the telegram groups. Will so much hype its nice to filter out the noise. People need to be more critical of teams and projects. Hopefully we can get that …
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Jon Cursi · Founder & CEO at Cheddur · 6 months ago
Thank you for the positive review, Eric! We’re trying to achieve exactly what you mentioned and, to that end, we’re making some big announcements very soon!
bomb on reviewed Cheddur.
8 months ago
Nice project with, what seems to me, a bright future. Maybe a bit laggish development, but have a huge potential of being the single most-informative page for each and every coin/service around.
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Jon Cursi · Founder & CEO at Cheddur · 8 months ago
Thanks for the positive review, bomb! We’re a small team right now, but development speed will certainly pick up as we grow! We share the same vision as you do for Cheddur :)